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Are you worried about getting in shape? Rhino Fit provides a variety of personal training services including, online personal training services that can get your body into shape without a fuss. We are located in the local area, and we can help get you a fit body and meet your health goals in the comfort of your home. Regardless of your fitness goals, we assure you that you will get maximum results. Contact us today through our booking form to book a service with us.


From the big machines to dumbells, calesthetics to resistance bands, knowing how to utilise them for the maximum result can be confusing for fitness enthusiasts, no matter their level. We are also aware that not everyone has access to the same equipment, and therefore aim to make your online PT experience something you can tailor to your surroundings. Whether you are in a fully-equipped gym or in your living room, we strive to give you the same experience.

Training, just for You

We do not only provide you with an online training service but we also regularly keep track of your progress. Since motivation is essential to getting the most out of any fitness training programme, we ensure that you have direct access to your personal trainer whenever you need them. We provide you with all the tools to unlock your potential, and we will support you on your fitness journey.

Specialized Training

RhinoFit is the home of RhinoBuilt Barbell Club, and RhinoBuilt Herbalgirls. We specialize in developing Sport Specific training programs for Powerlifting, Strongman, Olympic weightlifting, Soccer, Modeling, etc. We also have certified IAFF Peer Fitness trainers whom develop specific work related training programs designed to optimize work performance and implementation of performance testing for those in the Fire,, and EMS services. Prices are based on individual needs.


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